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Whether you're a new drummer looking to learn the basics, or an 
experienced drummer wanting to brush up on your skills, Jason Willer is the 
guy to call. With low prices and 27 years of drumming experience, Jason 
will provide you with unique, professional, and customized lessons to meet 
you and your skills exactly where they are. He's great with kids and teaches people of all ages with patience and an understanding of each person's individual learning needs. Jason can come to you for lessons, or you can come to his studio. 

The studio: a true "working musicians" learning environment--clean but with enough 
grit to give you an authentic working musician experience. At the studio there's a kit for Jason to drum along with you, as well as a kit for you, either a smaller kit for children or a standard-sized kit for adults. 

Jason provides each drumming student with regimented "homework", tailored to each student's needs. The work ranges from challenging to fun, giving everyone rudimentary hand exercises, warm-ups, and fun songs to learn. 

The Drum Lessons: 

Hour lesson $55 
Half hour lesson $35 

House lessons offered with additional $10-$15 travel fee depending on 



Documentation of progress

Drum Improv
January 2, 2016

Drum Student
Daniel, Age 11

Drum Improv
March 2, 2016

Drum Student
Daniel, Age 11